Roadsters Spring Trial


Roadsters Agility Club

A.A.C. Sanctioned Agility Trial

Limited Entry

April 6-7th, 2019

Spring Hill Barn,

Hardy Rd, Courtenay, BC

(Indoors on dirt)

Our Distinguished Judges

Paula Collins (AB)

& Christina Sanders (AB)

To be judged by the rules and regulations of the

Agility Association of Canada.

Entries Open: Jan 25, 2018

Entries Close: Mar 18, 2016

Each dog must have an AAC ID number to compete

RUNNING ORDER posted on Trials Page

Roadsters April 6-7th Running Order

Steeplechase   Paula
Std 1 Starters Christina
Advanced Christina
Masters Christina
Std 2 Masters Paula
Advanced Paula
Starters Paula
Gamble Starters Christina
Advanced Christina
Masters Christina
Snooker Starters Paula
Advanced Paula
Masters Paula
Gamble Masters Paula
Advanced Paula
Starters Paula
Std 3/CC Starters Christina
Advanced Christina
Challenge Christina
Std 3 Masters Paula
Std 4 Advanced Paula
Starters Paula
Jumpers Starters Christina
Advanced Christina
Masters Christina
Steeplechase   Christina

Formatting a Post, Fonts and Links

Your post was successful and is on the sandbox page of the website.  That was about as hard as it gets to do postings on the website.  All the rest is window dressings.
Each page of the website has a category associated with it that allows you to pick the page that you want to make your posting.
The [General] category is the front page of the website
A single post can be displayed on more than one page.  For example putting [General] [Trials] in the subject line will display the Trials post on both the front page and the Trials page
Suggestions for formatting a post using your email editor.
  • Don’t use Tabs or Spaces to move things around – the default settings for tabs doesn’t come through on the website and multiple spaces don’t justify the same as letters and numbers
  • Default fonts for websites are Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Gabriola, Impact, Times New Roman, Verdana.  Other fonts will be defaulted to a website standard font that may not be suitable for your message.
  • A font size of 12 or 14 for the main body of the post is fairly comfortable to read
  • Use Arial Black with a 16 to 24 font and colour the font for main headings
  • It’s best not to use underline for anything – people think its a link and when it doesn’t work, they get distracted from your message.
  • Use bullets to make a series of points in the document.
  • Don’t copy text from a MSWord document or iPad email – it is loaded with all kinds of hidden formatting that will not come through on a website page.  Paste anything from those documents as Plain Text to strip off their formatting.
  • You can include links to other website in the email such as . Just copy the link from the address line of the website, and paste it into your email 
  • If you have a signature set for your email, it will come through on the post
If you need any help with this stuff, or you are not comfortable posting directly to the website, just send me what you want to post and I’ll dress it up before I send it out.

Lesson #1 My First Post

I would like you to construct an email addressed to with a subject line like mine above, and a few words in the content area describing this as your first post on the Roadsters Agility website. 
Example: Post1
What is happening is the [Sandbox] is the category name that will direct the post to the Sandbox page on the website.  This is a page that is not readily visible to the public.  Depending on the keyword enclosed in square brackets, will determine where the post will be displayed.  The Title of the Post is just that, a descriptor for the Post.
What ever you type in the content area will be displayed on the website as the content of the post. to view your results.  it may take up to ½hr to show up on the website.
cc your email to me to let me know that you have sent an email to the website (just in case something should go amiss and it ends up on the Home page)

Website Contributors

You should have received a link to the website inviting you to be a contributor to the content of the website.  It is not necessary at this time to follow up on the link and update your password to something you want, but don’t loose the email as the password is long and complicated. 
With you registered as a qualified user on the website, we can begin some preliminary training for you to send your announcements and information directly to the website.  For a website to be useful to the readership, it should be dynamic, that is to say, changing.  How often do you go back to a website that is always the same, with nothing new added from the last time you visited?  If you don’t keep adding and changing things, your clients (students or potential students, trial participants, seminar customers) will loose interest and quit checking the website to see what is coming up in the near future.
You are set up as contributors, which means you cannot do any damage to the website while you are learning how to send material to the website.  There are a few rules so the content you are sending ends up on the page that you intended to post your message.
There is a page on the website that is not visible to the general public.  The SANDBOX page.  This is where you can test your posting to see how it will look to the real world, and in real time. This is where we will do our training.
The trick is that you have to call up the page manually every time since there is no menu item available to access the page.  To access the page, I would suggest that you save this link as a favourite
I will send out a series of emails, each highlighting requirements and techniques that you can use to create your postings for the website.  All these will be posted on the SANDBOX page

Roadsters Fall Trial – Unofficial Trial Results

Thanks for coming out to our Gamble and Jumper trial this weekend. Attached are unofficial results.

Ivy Seney