• October 2019 Trial
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    Saturday, Oct 13, 2018
    Running Order Judge
    Starter Gamblers 1 Ivy
    Starter Gamblers 2 Gerry
    Starter Gamblers 3 Gerry
    Advanced Gamblers 1 Gerry
    Advanced Gamblers 2 Gerry
    Advanced Gamblers 3 Ivy
    Masters Gamblers 1 Ivy
    Masters Gamblers 2 Gerry
    Masters Gamblers 3 Gerry
    Masters Gamblers 4 Gerry
    Masters Gamblers 5 Gerry
    Sunday, Oct 14, 2018
    Running Order Judge
    Starters Jumpers 1 Ivy
    Starters Jumpers 2 Gerry
    Advanced Jumpers 1 Gerry
    Advanced Jumpers 2 Gerry
    Starters Jumpers 3 Gerry
    Starters Jumpers 4 Ivy
    Advanced Jumpers 3 Ivy
    Advanced Jumpers 4 Gerry
    Masters Jumpers 1 Gerry
    Masters Jumpers 2 Gerry
    Masters Jumpers 3 Ivy
    Masters Jumpers 4 Gerry
    Masters Jumpers 5 Ivy
  • Roadsters Founder Honoured

    Roadsters Agility Club honoured our founder, instructor and friend, Barb Vanderheide, with a fund raiser in her memory.

    Barb sadly passed away January 9, 2019 suffering from a rare brain disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

    Barb started our Roadsters Agility club, and on her retirement we formed a non-profit society with many of Barb’s students still participating.

    Prior to our club’s sanctioned AAC agility trial August 30, 2019, teams donated for the opportunity of a warm up run. These runs were open to all, including some very novice teams to reflect Barb’s belief in inclusiveness.

    The club matched funds raised, and presented a cheque for $810.00 to the Therapeutic Riding Society, a group Barb strongly supported.

    From left to right:- Margot Jorgensen, Director, Roadsters, Nancy King, Executive Director, Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society, Hope, Ashleigh Masini, Instructor, and Shauna Helson and Brook, a Roadsters Agility Team.


  • Fall Classes
    All our classes are currently full, however, we are starting a waiting list for those interested. Please send an email to margot@roadstersagilityclub.com to get on the list.