About Roadsters

Barb Vanderheide

Barb started agility in the late 1990s to give her dog a fun outlet for his energy. When she became competitive in the sport, her avid interest grew into a club and Roadsters was born!

Barb turned her farm's horse arena into an agility course and taught classes there during the summer months for many years. Winter classes were (and still are) held at the Therapeutic Riding Centre in Courtenay.

Barb retired as Roadsters' head instructor in 2011 to pursue her many other activities and interests. Barb is also a retired agility judge.

Roadsters thanks Barb for her many years of tireless devotion to the sport of agility and to our club!


Roadsters Agility Club Philosophy

At Roadsters, we strive to create a positive relationship between dogs and their handlers through the use of positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, and motivational play training. Our goal is to build strong basics for solid future training. We provide quality training that allows handlers to build a solid foundation for lifelong relationships with their pets, whether they become competitive agility dogs or not. We believe that the skills required for a ‘great’ agility dog emerge from a ‘great pet’, and we strive to help owners and their dogs experience JOY throughout their training and performance.

At Roadsters we, as coaches, promise to uphold and encourage the following:

  • To do no harm to our canine students and companions
  • To promote healthy and positive relationships between dogs and people
  • To promote only healthy and ethical breeding practices
  • To promote the training program and techniques we teach at Roadsters Agility classes
  • To encourage people to spend more time with their dogs through preperformance and agility training
  • To bring the most up to date training methods to our students, human and canine
  • To dedicate ourselves to the continual improvement of our training program
  • To continue to work with and train our own dogs to the highest possible level
  • To lead by example by always making our relationship with our dogs a priority in all situations
  • To respect that there are many training methods available to the public and treat other trainers and handlers with the same respect with which you would like to be treated
  • To respect all instructors/coaches, students, judges, and volunteers, and treat them with appropriate courtesy


Roadsters Coaching Team

Some of our coaches and students

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